Nature & Human

'Daring to tell about the opened soul,no more thats veils with curtains of hidden secrets.Radiant air will invites each hope into his mansion,and feed desires that lone mind counts. Those audacious time,and one spins the world,each man his ideas and unwillingness that he seeks,and desire to live.How poignant is it,If melancholy tunes from its each code,Wild swans float in a shadowy part of it with streams of agony that runs on,other side an imaginary corner that greenery a portrait makes of varying leaves that covering on an ardent tree.Happiness is that world when all think of time made greed.Here often a glider in which we and with time sits,and its swift's.Misfits too must to go along,Rest is the scream of anonymous love,Dare do mystery that shall remain with unrest and swells every where.A strange track to which all moves unseen and all identity like spiritless truth that wanders in summer's nights,Finless the spirit,with un matured thought,men own merits that spirit knows,spirit does for whom it cultivate,nothing fades still unsounded,the rain,the thunder,the oceans all are like each emotion in us.when one laughs one laments,all bound by divine nature'.Perchance if one loves the wealth of nature and to know the theory that helps his life which be of divine,He needs nothing, knows his doom well,and thinks of taller trees where culture rests,is that creeps to absolute wealth of environmental fundamentals.Wakes to change and change for ever.Fresh Willingness need men and his view's ,to give a Heavenly sleep,that after an oblivion,that all forgets the past and with brain,to mature the fruits of antique dreams,political change! a change for society,His thoughts makes new man,and ideas that spins the earthly needs,Make a culture new,with few tame to souls,each other trust shall upborne and breeds in celebrated faith and love will brim from East and west,each parts they know and pray to that art that made you and me"
'Nature with creative eyes,with its physical wealth,bounded with nurturing flowers,bees that roams around its beauty,to foster her,True love lies beneath the herbs,the winds that swells round its yards,And when raining that its freshness increases,through the forest green meadows sweet birds shrills her tunes of pensive melody,rapidness the air moves,one changes for the next soul,both the related hearts,they do know each other,mending with fresh repair.

Suicide and Sanyaas

As I read and heard many things about this life how to live it ,is the life which “enlightened people” living are worth following or living in this world too is considered as an enlightened life ?


As it is said meditation is a technique to reach higher self or or enlightenment. Well it is for it is basically a process which “cleanes “ the mind or one can say “weeds” out and make our mind for new plantation. But as like some people just keep on practicing meditation , so there comes a time when mind never “grows “ anything .

Seeing how poetry is made

My library is a constant game with chaos that has gone into extra innings. There are the volumes of poetry that I just plain love and to which I go back compulsively— Yeats, Dickinson, Auden, Crane, and many more. Then there are the idea books that, having been read a few times, are comforting to have around, like a favorite sweater. Among these I include I.A. Richards, R.P. Blackmur, John Crowe Ransom, A. Alvarez, and quite a few others.

The Decay Of Lying

A DIALOGUE. Persons: Cyril and Vivian. Scene: the Library of a country house in Nottinghamshire.

Lecture to Art Students

In the lecture which it is my privilege to deliver before you to- night I do not desire to give you any abstract definition of beauty at all. For we who are working in art cannot accept any theory of beauty in exchange for beauty itself

House Decoration

In my last lecture I gave you something of the history of Art in England. I sought to trace the influence of the French Revolution upon its development. I said something of the song of Keats and the school of the pre-Raphaelites.

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